The Global Appeal of Real Madrid

The release of Adidas and Real Madrid’s new club away kit for the 2019/20 season not only brought new merchandise to market, but a brand-new Spanish trap song by Denom, Anita Kuruba and French Ikki called “Create the Noise”. 

The music video debut not only served as an anthem for the Real Madrid team but a chance for Adidas to reveal its product in a unique way.

Brainsights screened this music video to see how Canadian sports fans would respond to this marketing strategy. And the results are promising. The video’s average neural engagement scores were + 12% versus benchmark for the audience.

Breaking these out into Brainsights three unconscious drivers of Attention, Connection and Encoding, we see strong scores of +12% for Attention, + 15% for Connection and + 9% for Encoding

High neural engagement across all three metrics can in part be explained by cameos from Real Madrid icons like Marcelo, Karim Benzema, Vinicius, Lucas, Isco, and Sergio Ramos. However, certain elements of this music video itself were also extremely effective at engaging the Canadian sports fan. 

The video opens with the phrase “If you create the noise” on screen; Attention, Connection and Encoding scores are +1%, +16% and + 39%, respectively. The concept of creating your own noise is memorable and really resonates with Canadians. This messaging sets the tone of the music video and Canadian audiences continue to stay dialed in. 

A pivotal moment for engagement occurs from 2:05 to 2:16, as Spanish Rapper Demon can be seen hyping up a large crowd. As he continuously chants “Soy del Madrid, del Real, wah” (roughly translated to “I’m from Real Madrid”), he not only increasing the energy of his spectators; he’s driving the neural activity of Canadians (lifts of +28% neural engagement). 

This chanting not only produced the highest scores in Connection (+ 148%), it also served as a catalyst to produce extremely high levels of audience engagement as the music video continues. From 2:17 onward, the average performance of this video skyrocketed to ACE scores of + 46%, + 48% and + 42%, respectively. 

Karim Benzema of Real Madrid once said that “we footballers need music as much as music needs football” and it seems to be the same for Canadian audience. This music video collaboration with Adidas and Real Madrid was successful at creating content that resonated with the audience, was memorable and captured Canadians attention.

How do you compare? 

In October, Brainsights will be in Madrid, Spain conducting paid research studies and understanding what Real Madrid does to the brains of fans. 

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