Rohit Sharma - Global Charmer

Rohit Sharma is impacting Canadian sports fans in a meaningful way. 

Toronto is a multicultural city, home to many Indians each who makes the city richer with their unique cultural heritages and traditions. Part of these unique heritages and traditions include the love for Cricket and one of its star players – Rohit Sharma, Vice-Captain of the Indian Cricket team.

Indian fans are in awe over his clean hits, speed and record-breaking scores and we wanted to see if Canadians felt the same way about this clean hitter. To do this, we invited 100 Canadian sports fans to participate in paid research studies. Each received $50 in exchange for 1 hour of their time watching videos while they wore brain wave-reading headsets. 

It turns out that Sharma charms Canadians, too.

To find this out, we looked at three videos: the winning moment for the Mumbai Cricket team, Rohit Sharma Adidas Locker Room and the Rohit Sharma Adidas Short Film. The Canadian audience was much more engaged in the two Adidas videos with a clear focus on Sharma. Key moments that feature Sharma’s workouts and close-ups on his face led to high scores in Attention and Connection. 

The best performing video shows a more playful side of Rohit Sharma (see below) – he skillfully throws a ball to close his teammates locker then smiles smugly at the camera. This scene leads to the highest scores out of any of the three videos studied (Attention + 40% Connection +72%). 

The moment-by-moment response of Canadians to Rohit Sharma’s Adidas ad

The moment-by-moment response of Canadians to Rohit Sharma’s Adidas ad

How do you compare? 

Brainsights will be in Mumbai conducting paid research studies and understanding what cricket does to the minds of Indian fans. 

If you’re interested in participating, you can sign up here